E18: Grigori Rasputin Pt. 1: Prince Felix Yusupov

Amidst the slow decline of the Russian aristocracy, a drunk, uneducated peasant arrived in St. Petersburg claiming to have mystical powers. His name was Grigori Rasputin and he became one of the Tsar's most trusted advisors. In 1916, a wealthy young aristocrat Prince Felix Yusupuv, saw a chance to redeem his reputation by saving Russia from its massively unpopular wizard-advisor.

E16: Malcolm X Pt. 2

On March 8th, 1964, Malcolm X officially broke away from the Nation of Islam to start his own organization. His rivalry with his former mentor, NOI leader Elijah Muhammad, quickly escalated from a personal dispute to an ideological battle with international consequences. After nearly a year of conflict, NOI enforcers were dispatched to Malcolm's weekly service at the Audubon Ballroom to silence their defector once and for all.

E15: Malcolm X Pt. 1

Orphan. Conman. Felon. Prisoner. Messiah. Malcolm X emerged from a life of crime, reborn under the gospel of the Nation of Islam and its leader, Elijah Muhammad. But as Malcolm came to national attention as the face and voice of "Black Nationalism" in the late 1950s, rifts began to form in the organization, and soon Malcolm would be in danger... not from outside forces, but from men within his own brotherhood.

E13: Hassan al-Banna Pt. 1

In 1949, Egypt was on the brink. The rapidly growing Muslim Brotherhood had struck out against the government in opposition to the actions of King Farouk I. Farouk, a young and inexperienced King, had barely led the country through World War 2, and was eager to solidify his loose hold on the country. As the violence increased, and both sides prepared for war, one man would pay the price: Hassan al-Banna.

E7: Sister Dorothy Mae Stang Pt. 1: “Angel of the Amazon”

Known as the “Angel of the Amazon” she dedicated her life to protecting the poor in the 1970s to early 2000s. In order to lure multinational corporations, Brazil would bribe officials to acquire land, obtain false titles, and evict settlers. Dorothy Mae Stang was a fierce opponent to these unethical practices, and worked tirelessly to protect small-scale farmers during a time of upheaval in Brazil.

E6: Marielle Franco: Champion of Hope

As a beacon of progressive hope among the desperate people of Brazil, Marielle Franco made it her life’s mission to help the impoverished and fight police corruption. She was elected councilor in 2017 in a country where political power isn’t always feasible for black, queer politicians. Franco’s supporters believe that her murder was politically motivated, and her killers have yet to be identified.

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