7 True Stories that Inspired Horror Films

7 True Stories that Inspired Horror Films

A good horror story draws audiences in with a tantalizing cocktail of foreshadowing, suspense, mystery, surprise and, naturally, a fear that incites hesitation at the light switch. You strive to take comfort in the fact that “it’s not real,” but unfortunately, that’s a thin defense against a sleepless night. Some things are just too terrifying to imagine, and the inspiration for the storylines of these classic horror films comes from true stories that are just as frightening, or more, than the fiction their creators wove.

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17 Female Scientists Who Made Remarkable Discoveries and Advancements

17 Female Scientists Who Made Remarkable Discoveries and Advancements

Historically, science has largely been a male-dominated field. In light of this, we wanted to take some time to celebrate the many exceptional women who did not allow societal barriers stop them from pursuing their scientific passions. While this list falls short of honoring all female scientists who’ve made remarkable discoveries and advancements over the years, it does give us a glimpse into a lesser known history of scientific girl power.

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Reflecting on 2017

With the new year around the corner, Parcast is reflecting on all of the wonderful things that 2017 has brought us. Our listeners have helped us achieve more than we could ever imagine, and your support is propelling us into 2018 with many more exciting things ahead.

We cannot wait to share what we have been working so hard to bring you in the new year. In the meantime, we are reminiscing on all of our achievements to date… achievements that would have never been possible without all of our listeners.

This is how far we have come, thanks to you:

  1. As a network, we’ve produced over 150 episodes.

  2. Our shows have reached more than 37 million downloads.

  3. We have listeners in 212 countries.

  4. Our show, Cults, debuted this year at #1 on Apple Podcast charts. It remains at #1 in Canada today! Our show, Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories ranked #2, and both Haunted Places and Serial Killers ranked #3 on Apple Podcast charts.

  5. Internationally we are ranked #1 in Australia, #9 in Canada, and #10 in the United Kingdom.

  6. Serial Killers landed on Apple Podcasts’ Off The Charts 2017 list for Most Downloaded New Shows.

  7. We now produce five shows...with more to come!

We will definitely say “Cheers!” to that. Thank you for believing in us and showing your support for Parcast. We wish you the happiest holiday season, and we can’t wait to celebrate our listeners and the exciting things to come in 2018.