Interview with Carter: Who is Mr. Roy?

1.      How did you get into voice acting?

I actually just started out acting in general. I’ve been an actor for 15 years doing film, television, commercials, and certainly some voiceover work. But I never had a chance to work on a podcast until the opportunity came around to work on Unsolved Murders.

2.      How did you get started at Parcast?

Actually through my relationship with Wenndy Mackenzie. She’s a friend and my voice teacher, and she passed my name along during the audition process.

3.      What is your favorite episode of Unsolved Murders, if it is possible to have a “favorite”?

The very first one, the Axeman of New Orleans, always stands out for me. I think the combination of mystery- there’s a serial killer that’s uncaught- as well as the kind ofHannibal Lecter-esque style of the Axeman made for such a fascinating story.

4.      What do you do outside of hosting podcasts?

I act. I have a couple movies coming out: one called Found Footage 3D, a short film called The Bore, and not too long ago my movie Refuge came out. I’ll also be on the upcoming season of NARCOS!

5.      If you were to have another career, what would it have been?

Probably a lawyer! I like word arguments. There’s something clean, clear and almost mathematic about trying to get to the bottom of something, and I see that law can be that. Although often it’s not.

6.      How would you describe yourself in three words?

 Flaky, quirky, and gregarious.

7.      What is one thing you have always wanted to try but have never gotten to?

 Well I’ve never gone heli-skiing before! That’s where the helicopter takes you to the peak of the mountain and you drop down and ski.

8.      What is something the audience wouldn’t know about you?

 I am an avid drawer. I do a lot of ink art- a very sort of specific kind.

9.      What do you like to draw?

It’s all faces. Faces within faces within faces that build up to create whole images. It’s either cool or crazy, I’m not sure which one!