E5: Chemtrails

We’ve all seen it: the long trailing cloud as a plane flies across the sky. These clouds, called aircraft contrails, are officially said to pose no threat to our health or environment. Contrails are reported to be water vapor from the aircraft’s engine…but is this the truth? Or are they actually dangerous chemtrails being released by the government to control everything from the weather, to our minds?

E2: Princess Diana Pt. 2

Two years after Princess Diana died in a car crash, the French authorities concluded the death was accidental. But people around the world weren’t so sure this is what really happened, and many believed she was killed. We investigate the theories about MI6, medical sabotage, and the mysterious death of a photojournalist.

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E1: Princess Diana

In 1997, Princess Diana of Wales died in a car accident in Paris. The news shocked the world, and many people weren’t so sure this was an accident. In the first episode of two on Princess Diana, we explore her life...and perhaps her not-so-accidental death.

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