E26: “L'Ange De L'Assassinat” - Charlotte Corday

Charlotte Corday grew up poor in French family clinging to its noble status. When the French Revolution started, she strongly believed in peaceful change and liberation, in contrast to the Jacobin party who led the revolution on a platform of violence and executions. What happened to the mild-mannered Corday that led her to murder a leader of the Jacobin party?

E25: “The Death House Landlady” Pt. 2 - AD FREE

Welcome Serial Killer listeners! We hope you enjoy the conclusion of Dorothea Puente crossover special Ad Free!! Be sure to look out for a new Female Criminals episode on Wednesday.

Dorothea Puente ran a boarding house in Sacramento, California. She had perfected a technique of taking in tenants who were on government assistance, murdering them, and then fraudulently cash the checks. All the while, neighbors had no idea that dead bodies were being buried in her backyard.

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E24: “The Death House Landlady” - Special

We have a special guest. Greg from Serial Killers is to joining us to help provide some insight into the madness of Dorothea Puente.

Dorothea Puente didn’t set out to become Sacramento, California’s most notorious female serial killer. But she did have a criminal streak that grew more sinister, culminating in the deaths of almost a dozen residents of the boarding house she ran. How was she able to evade detection from family members and social workers? And how did she get away with her first murder?

E23: “Spy Dancer” - Mata Hari Pt. 2

Despite payouts from her exotic dance performances and the gifts from her many generous lovers, Mata Hari struggled to finance her lavish lifestyle. So when offers of spywork came from both French and German government officials during World War II, Mata Hari couldn’t say no to the money. It led her down a path of spying, lying, and ultimately, execution. Was Mata Hari World War II’s biggest fall guy, or its biggest counter-espionage triumph?