E3: Oliver Cromwell’s Missing Head

Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell was instrumental in ousting the monarchy during the English Civil War. But soon after his death, the monarchy was restored. As a show of power, Cromwell’s corpse was disinterred, and his head cut off, piked, and displayed atop Westminster Abbey. But in the late 1600’s, the head fell off Westminster Abbey and disappeared...

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E2: "The Eighth Wonder of the World" - The Amber Room

Famously declared the eighth wonder of the world, the Amber Room was a set of incredibly ornate amber wall panels that may be worth over $500 million dollars today. German forces stole the panels from Russia in October, 1941 and Hitler himself ordered the panels moved in January, 1945. But little is known about their whereabouts since. Were they stowed aboard a sunken Nazi ship? Hidden in a salt mine? Or destroyed by the Russians themselves?

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E1: D.B. Cooper

Cooper orchestrated one of the most daring hijackings of all time when he successfully held his fellow passengers ransom for $200,000 in 1971, before parachuting to an unknown fate. Though some clues have surfaced over time, no definitive answers exist explaining what happened to Cooper, at least not to the satisfaction of the FBI. What happened to Cooper and how did he seemingly vanish into thin air?