E11: The Bennington County Courthouse

Isaac and Hulda lived a happy life in Manchester, Vermont… until something began sucking the life out of Hulda. To break this curse, the townspeople gathered at the town’s graveyard and disturbed the dead. 225 years later, the Bennington County Courthouse stands on this forgotten graveyard. One woman viciously haunts the building to this day, her soul robbed of eternal peace.

E6: Island of the Dolls

Quiet whispers, distant singing, and hundreds of mutilated dolls staring at those who pass...this is the eery Island of the Dolls. Along the canals of Xochimilco, legends tell of a drowned girl searching for her doll in the afterlife, a woman who haunts the canals hoping to kidnap children, and Don Julian, a man rumored to have built the shrine of dolls... and who died canalside with them. Join us as we explore the mysterious Xochimilco canals and their secrets.

E5: Birdcage Theater

Tombstone, Arizona, where ghosts perform on the Birdcage Theatre’s empty stage and gamble in the basement. During the Birdcage’s eight years of operation in the 1880’s, twenty-six people were killed inside the theatre’s walls. All of them are still there. Greg tells the stories of a sex worker who snapped, a performer’s theatrical death, and a cowboy who haunted management until he was properly respected.

E1: The Cecil Hotel

Built in the 1920’s as a destination for the living, the Cecil Hotel fell victim to the Great Depression, and soon became a destination for the dead. With sixteen unnatural deaths inside the hotel and even more connected to it, this high-rise in the heart of downtown Los Angeles is widely believed to be haunted... Or at least cursed, because there’s something about the Cecil Hotel that leads to women turning up dead.

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