E25: Ruthin Castle

About 20 miles from the Irish sea in Wales lies Ruthin Castle. For centuries, people have reported seeing spirits of those who have perished there. Lady Grey looking for her axe. A soldier wandering the halls. A young girl with golden ringlets walking and giggling on Upper Clwyd Street. Who were these ghosts in life, how did they die, and why are they haunting Ruthin Castle?

E24: Kloster Unterzell

The Unterzell Monastery in Bavaria, Germany was built on the ruins of a convent where numerous mysterious incidents occurred. In the mid 1700s, Sister Cecilia Pistorini of Kloster Unterzell suffered from visions and had hysteric attacks. She was convinced she was possessed by Satan. But after the nuns gathered for an exorcism, it only got worse...

E23: Villisca Axe Murder House

Six children and two adults were murdered in what is now called the Villisca Axe Murder House. The killer hid in the family’s barn, waited for them to fall asleep, and then used the family’s own axe to kill them. Over a hundred years later, the house has been restored to its 1912 condition. And paranormal investigators who have visited the house say they found the presence of spirits, demons and even a portal to a dark dimension.

E19: Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Among the serene, rolling hills of West Virginia, there is an eerie building with a horrific past. The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was once home to people receiving rehabilitation for everything from being jealous to reading novels. The mistreatment and abuse left many restless souls, who are still trying to escape the endless torture… or make visitors feel their pain.

E11: The Bennington County Courthouse

Isaac and Hulda lived a happy life in Manchester, Vermont… until something began sucking the life out of Hulda. To break this curse, the townspeople gathered at the town’s graveyard and disturbed the dead. 225 years later, the Bennington County Courthouse stands on this forgotten graveyard. One woman viciously haunts the building to this day, her soul robbed of eternal peace.