E34: Aokigahara

In the shadow of Mt. Fuji, the Sea of Trees marked the end for many struggling souls. But even before it gained its grisly modern reputation, the forest was said to be haunted. Restless spirits and demons wait in the trees; some ghosts save visitors from a dark end--others are said to eat them. No matter what you believe, the "suicide forest" grows pure horror.

E33: The Sallie House

A young girl named Sallie was brought here one night in the early 1900s by her mother. The doctor said young Sallie’s appendix was about to burst and he needed to operate on her immediately. But, he didn’t give her enough anesthetic and she woke up during the procedure. Believing she was being tortured, Sallie died on the operating table. Now she haunts the halls of this home, often reenacting the fear she felt that night.

E32: Hotel Monte Vista

The Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, Arizona opened on New Year’s Day in 1927. A bellboy in a red coat tells you about the hotel’s haunted history. The bar is haunted by the ghost of the bank robber who died there. In room 305, the ghost of an old woman rocks in a rocking chair. In room 220, strips of human flesh hangs occasionally hang from the chandelier. In fact, the bellboy you’re talking to has been dead for 70 years.

E31: Rose Hall

The mansion and plantation homes at Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica are haunted. Visitors report seeing the ghost of plantation owner Annie Palmer who rode her horse in the middle of the night, whipping any slaves she passed by. Others have seen The Whooping Boy, who hunted down any slaves who tried to escape. But all of the restless spirits who lurk in the shadows waiting, are ready to lure you into the darkness.

E30: Bodie State Historic Park

Bodie, California is an abandoned gold rush town that was founded in 1859 by W.S. Bodey. When Bodey and his gold-mining partner walked to the next town, they got caught in a blizzard. Bodey collapsed and his partner left him to die. Bodey’s body wasn’t found until the spring thaw, but his partner said that every night that winter, Bodey’s frozen corpse returned, tapping against the window asking to be let inside.

E25: Ruthin Castle

About 20 miles from the Irish sea in Wales lies Ruthin Castle. For centuries, people have reported seeing spirits of those who have perished there. Lady Grey looking for her axe. A soldier wandering the halls. A young girl with golden ringlets walking and giggling on Upper Clwyd Street. Who were these ghosts in life, how did they die, and why are they haunting Ruthin Castle?

E24: Kloster Unterzell

The Unterzell Monastery in Bavaria, Germany was built on the ruins of a convent where numerous mysterious incidents occurred. In the mid 1700s, Sister Cecilia Pistorini of Kloster Unterzell suffered from visions and had hysteric attacks. She was convinced she was possessed by Satan. But after the nuns gathered for an exorcism, it only got worse...