E18: Michelangelo

Born in Italy on March 6, 1475, Michelangelo was destined to create outstanding and genius works of art. Although his family was of a lower class and discouraged him from pursuing a more noble career in the arts, Michelangelo followed his passion for art even as a young boy. And despite being well known for his paintings in the Sistine Chapel and his architecture, Michelangelo considered himself a sculptor above all else.

E17: Nicolaus Copernicus

When Nicolaus Copernicus was born in 1473, scholars believed that the earth stood still, and the sun circled around it. Copernicus devoted his life to understanding the structure of our solar system, and found mathematical proof that the earth, in fact, orbits around the sun. Although he didn’t live to see his influence on astronomy, his findings opened the door to space travel, the discovery of other planets and galaxies...and even the chance of finding life outside of earth.

E13: Sigmund Freud

The critically acclaimed psychologist Sigmund Freud spent years publishing famous papers, stirring up controversy in his field of study, and creating the ideas of psychoanalysis and the infamous Oedipus Complex. Vanessa and Carter explore Freud’s colorful life, his finding of an international psychology movement, and his near persecution during the Holocaust.

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E9: John Adams

The first Vice-President of the United States and second President, John Adams struggled to measure up to the mythic George Washington. Not that he wasn’t qualified- as a successful lawyer who helped pen the Declaration of Independence and served as an early ambassador for the fledgling nation, John Adams was instrumental to the birth of America. Carter and Vanessa explore Adams’ presidency, love affair with his wife Abigail, and his “frenemy” relationship with fellow founding father and presidential successor, Thomas Jefferson.

E8: Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a power-player in the current war, where General Electric and Westinghouse fought over how America would get electricity.  Tesla contributed to the development of the alternating-current electrical system that’s widely used today and discovered the rotating magnetic field. Carter and Vanessa talk about Tesla’s mysterious visions of inventions, the strange illness he suffered, and how the kind soul gave up millions of dollars and died penniless.

E6: Charlemagne

The “Father of Europe”, Charlemagne’s rule as King of the Franks changed the face of Europe, unifying regions that had been at war and spreading Christianity across the continent. As Holy Roman Emperor, crowned by the Pope himself, he founded the Carolingian dynasty. His reign sparked an intellectual and cultural revival, the effects of which are still evident across Europe today.

E5: Karl Marx

A radical writer and philosopher, Karl Marx found himself exiled from multiple countries thanks to his communist writings in the 1800's. However, in the following century, this same writing stirred revolution across the world, as communist governments rose to power. What influenced the famous father of communism, and why did he believe it was the best system? Carter and Vanessa explore the life of the author of The Communist Manifesto and Das Capital, and how his revolutionary ideas resonated worldwide.