E20: Cynthia Ann Parker Pt. 1: Naduah

In search of a better life, the Parker family migrated West. Their peaceful settlement in Texas was raided by the Comanche Tribe in 1836. Cynthia Ann Parker and other members of her family were kidnapped and held in captivity. Parker adapted the the Comanche lifestyle and lived with them for 24 years. Until she was abruptly taken from a world she had grown accustomed to.

E15: Munich Massacre Pt. 2: Athletes Become Heroes

The world watched in horror as the heavily anticipated 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany turned into an international catastrophe. The Palestinian terrorist group Black September leveraged the lives of eleven Israeli representatives in exchange for the release of incarcerated comrades. German officials jumped into action even as the negotiations took a lethal turn.

E14: Munich Massacre Pt. 1: Olympic Tragedy

The Olympics are an event that is supposed to unite countries together, however that wasn’t the case during the 1972 Games in Munich, Germany. Eleven Israeli athletes, coaches, and Olympic officials were held hostage by eight commandos from the Palestinian terrorist group known as Black September. It brought the Olympics to a halt, and focused the world’s attention both on the capital of the German state of Bavaria and on the Palestinian revolutionary movement.

E12: The MV Maersk Alabama Pt. 1: Somali Pirate Hijacking

It had been nearly 200 years since a ship registered under the American flag was seized by pirates. However, the crew of the MV Maersk Alabama and its 19,000 tons of cargo presented too good an opportunity to pass up. On April 8, 2009 four Somali pirates overcame the anti-piracy maneuvers executed by the crew and boarded the ship, kicking off one of the most incredible hostage rescues in recent memory.

E10: Katie Beers Kidnapping Pt. 1: A History of Betrayal

Convincing her that she was going to an arcade, John Esposito, a family friend, kidnapped 9-year-old Katie Beers, locking her in a tiny cell under his garage in 1992. Word spread of the missing child, but it takes 17 days for Katie to be found. John’s predatory behavior was overlooked by authorities and Katie’s family, failing to protect her from the dangerous man.

E9: The Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis Pt. 2: Rescue Rehearsal

Unable to leave the auditorium of the Dubrovka Theater for over four days, the orchestra pit becomes the bathroom. After a mysterious woman sneaks into the theatre, and confronts terrorist leader Movsar Barayev, she is dragged into the lobby and shot. Despite immense pressure to open talks, Putin insists everyone will get out alive, without recalling troops from Chechnya. The Russian Government reacted to terrorist leader Movsar Barayev’s demands, only after a rescue mission conducted by the Russian Spetsnaz turns deadly.  

E1: Patty Hearst Pt. 1: The Kidnapping

Patricia Hearst lived every woman’s nightmare. She was violently taken from her own apartment, tied up, and thrown in the back of a stolen car. For the next two years, Patricia was held hostage. In our first episode, we explore the dramatic lead-up to Patricia’s kidnapping, and why her kidnappers were able to snatch the heiress from her apartment in under four minutes.