E8: The Abduction of Persephone

The goddess of the harvest, Demeter, loved nothing more than her daughter, Persephone. So when Hades, King of the Underworld, kidnaps Persephone, he vows to rescue her. But Persephone is well-hidden, and Demeter’s grief plunges the entire world into an endless winter. With the fate of humanity at stake, will Demeter be able to rescue her daughter? Or will Persephone be trapped forever under frozen ground?

E6: Hercules Pt. 1: Strength in Suffering

Of all the mythological figures of Ancient Greece, none has maintained as much prominence as Hercules, the demigod gifted with super strength. While many of us know of Hercules's feats, his childhood and early life were defined by drastic mistakes and their gruesome consequences. His early struggles with the queen goddess and the violence of his own nature set the stage for his heroic life to come.

E4: Loki Pt. 2: The God of Mischief

The Gods know their fate and that Loki’s is the most tragic of them all. Constantly confronted with his terrible destiny, a darkness begins to settle over Loki’s one time light hearted countenance. He begins to resent the gods and their ignorant vanity. But is it the Gods who are responsible for this budding malice, a malice that will ensure the coming of Ragnarok and the destruction of the world, or is it Loki himself? 

Introducing Mythology

Gods and heroes. Titans and transformations. Life before earth, and after it. Mythology uses half-humans to explore what it means to be human. And the newest podcast from Parcast explores Mythology. Through audio-drama, we bring these stories to life. Then, we examine where myths come from, what they mean, and how they shape our world today. New episodes of Mythology come out every Tuesday.