E81: “The Yorkshire Ripper” Pt. 2 - Peter Sutcliffe

From the years 1969 to 1981, a serial killer known as the Yorkshire Ripper freely roamed the streets of Yorkshire, England. Police were so determined to find him, they interviewed over 250,000 people. Sutcliffe had been brought in for questioning on nine separate occasions and each time he walked out a free man. How would they eventually catch him?

E79: “The Death House Landlady” - Special

This is a crossover special with the hosts of Serial Killers and Female Criminals.

Dorothea Puente didn’t set out to become Sacramento, California’s most notorious female serial killer. But she did have a criminal streak that grew more sinister, culminating in the deaths of almost a dozen residents of the boarding house she ran. How was she able to evade detection from family members and social workers? And how did she get away with her first murder?

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E78: “Son of Sam” Pt. 2 - David Berkowitz

From the summer of 1976 through the summer of 1977, David Berkowitz went on a year long killing spree that terrorized the New York City boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. Young women with dark hair were being targeted and anybody near them was in harms way. Find out how David Berkowitz got his nickname “Son of Sam” and how he was ultimately caught by police.