E21: Peter Pan

In this version, young Peter flies to an island and introduces himself as Peter the Bird. Upon learning he is not a bird, but human, he loses faith in his ability to fly. Stuck on the island, Peter asks the birds for help in hopes of returning home to his mother. When he finally returns to the window of his home and sees her, he discovers that in life, there are no second chances.

E18: The Fountain of Youth

One day, Toshiro the wood cutter wandered into a remote part of the forest to cut wood and drank from a nearby pond.  In his reflection, he saw a man only 25 years old - the water had transformed him. His wife, Chizue insisted that she should drink from the same pond, to become as young as her husband - but she never returned. Toshiro returned to the pond, only to find a terrible surprise.

E16: Thumbelina

Thumbelina is a girl no bigger than a human thumb. Due to her small stature, she is very attractive to animals, who try to kidnap and marry her. Among her suitors: a toad, a beetle, and a mole. Yet, the one with whom she connected most was the swallow she nursed back to health. Would the swallow allow Thumbelina to be taken by another animal, or would they live happily ever after?

E15: The Nightingale

The Emperor requests that his kitchen maid, Mei, bring to him the nightingale whose melody is so sweet that she can make your heart dance. Mei finds the bird, and the Emperor is so impressed that he invites the bird to stay and sing forever. But when the Emperor receives a wind-up bird who sings a different and more beautiful song, he doesn't realize that the choice between them will become a matter of life and death.

E14: Momotaro

Momotaro is a brave Japanese boy adopted by a childless couple, after they find him inside of a peach. Years later, Momotaro says goodbye to his family to defeat the Oni (demons or ogres) who live on a distant island. With the help of a dog, a pheasant, and a monkey, Momotaro finds their castle. Will Momotaro’s bravery be enough to defeat the black magic of the Oni?