E46: Unicorns

According to mythical beliefs, the unicorn is a shy creature, living deep in the forest and rarely venturing near people. The creature is found in literature dating back to 1800 B.C.E. and is referenced in the King James Bible. “Lancelot the Living Unicorn” was a real unicorn found in the Ringling Brother Circus in 1984. Was Lancelot a genetic mutation or a descendant from a real species?

E34: The Clovis Peoples Pt. 2 - Were the First Americans Australian?

The Clovis People have long been accepted as the first humans to arrive in the Americas. Then spearheads were discovered in the Americas that pre-date the Clovis by 2500 years. Is it possible the first settlers in the Americas were actually Australians who reached the Chilean coast? Or Siberians who came down the Pacific coast in canoes?