E56: The Holy Grail

Most people know the story of the Holy Grail, but in fact there is little evidence in the Bible that it actually exists. Over the past two centuries, everyone from Arthurian Knight to Renaissance painters to contemporary thriller novelists have questioned the location of the cup of Christ. This religious relic, has taken a number of forms in human consciousness over the years, and may have never existed at all.

E54: Lourdes Water - A Holy Cure?

This natural spring in the Grotto of Massabielle is a small cave-like enclosure in the southern countryside of France. In 1862, the Catholic Church authenticated claims that the Virgin Mary made an apparition at the grotto to a young girl. Blind people can suddenly see, the lame can walk and the depressed experience euphoria. Is it a placebo effect or does the water have magical powers only some can experience?

E50: Mystery of the Somerton Man - Tamam Shud

The discovery of a corpse in 1948 on the beach in Australia creates a frenzy circulating rumours about the identity of the unknown man. In his pocket was a slip of paper with the phrase “Tamam Shud,” translating to “it is ended.” The authorities investigation was met with dead ends and more questions. Theories about his identity range from being a Cold War spy, a time traveler, or even a victim of alien abduction.

E46: Unicorns

According to mythical beliefs, the unicorn is a shy creature, living deep in the forest and rarely venturing near people. The creature is found in literature dating back to 1800 B.C.E. and is referenced in the King James Bible. “Lancelot the Living Unicorn” was a real unicorn found in the Ringling Brother Circus in 1984. Was Lancelot a genetic mutation or a descendant from a real species?