E11: "The New England Vampire Panic" - Mercy Brown

When a wave of tuberculosis struck New England in the late 19th century, people believed vampiric spirits were draining the life from their friends and family. Following Edwin Brown's contraction of the disease in 1891, his father George was forced to consider whether one of his recently deceased daughters, Mercy, was inhabited by an undead spirit and sapping the life force from her own brother.

E2: Mona Lisa – Who Was She?

Throughout history, her face has evoked intrigue and mystery. One question remains: Who is the Mona Lisa? We follow the painting’s rise to global fame and the theories surrounding it: What secrets are hiding behind the faltering smile? What message lies within the background? From mistresses, to wives, to secret lovers, to Leonardo da Vinci himself, we take a deep dive to discover who the person in the painting really was, and the hidden message within the art.