E78: Wall Street Bombings

On September 16, 1920, an explosion went off at 23 Wall Street, killing 38 people and injuring hundreds more. But no one knew who set off the bomb, or why. We explore the political and financial turmoil that may have inspired the attack, and we look into the man who warned New Yorkers of the bombing beforehand with uncanny detail.

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E76: Dorothy Jane Scott

In May 1980, Dorothy Jane Scott brought a coworker to the University of California Irvine Medical Center...and that’s the last time anyone saw her. Except for one person—an anonymous man who called Dorothy for months leading up to her disappearance. We explore the psychology behind obsession and stalking, and how it led to Dorothy Jane Scott’s abduction.


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E75: The Black Donnelly Massacre Pt. 2

After the gruesome massacre of the Donnelly family, the trial to bring their killers to justice becomes chaotic. We examine the trial and its main suspects—a priest and the chief of police—and how the Donnelly reputation caused their murders to go unsolved.


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E70: The Servant Girl Annihilator

The Servant Girl Annihilator struck late at night, axing mothers while their children slept in the very same bed. The bloody murder of Mollie Smith, and the string of related killings that followed, put 1880’s Austin Texas in a panic. Carter and Wenndy investigate the witness accounts describing a barefoot, hooded man wielding an axe, and how racial tensions muddled the investigation.

E68: Thomas Ince

It reads like a classic murder mystery. At the height of the Silent Era, a group of Hollywood's elite gathered for a dinner party aboard a capricious millionaire's yacht. When a famous movie producer turns up dead, suddenly no one aboard the ship wants to talk about what really happened. Carter and Wenndy investigate the mysterious death of producer and studio head Thomas Ince, Father of the Western and arguably the most influential founder of the Hollywood studio system.

E67: The Beaumont Children Pt. 2

When the Beaumont children disappeared, Australia was permanently scarred, but they weren’t the only children to disappear around that time. Carter and Wenndy search potentially related cases for connections as they look for a suspect. Our hosts follow the dedicated detective who remained on the case after everyone else gave up, and judge the plausibility of claims from people who came forward, years later, claiming to be the lost Beaumonts.

E66: The Beaumont Children

Their disappearance changed Australian parenting forever. Jane, Grant and Arnna Beaumont were last seen five minutes from home, playing at the beach. Mass news coverage brought the investigation to the attention of a celebrity investigator and a celebrity psychic, but even they couldn’t find the poor children. Carter and Wenndy analyze mysterious letters supposedly written by the missing Beaumont children and investigate witness accounts from that fateful day at the beach.

E65: The Oakland County Child Killer Pt. 2

After the tragic deaths of four children, Oakland County was in a panic, and the Task Force was desperate, even engaging a celebrity psychiatrist to help catch the killer. The investigation fizzled out by 1980… until new leads emerged in the 2000’s. Were the killings tied to a local pedophilia ring? Perhaps the police zeroed in on the wrong leads? Carter and Wenndy investigate.

E64: The Oakland County Child Killer

In the 1970’s, the suburbs of Detroit were supposed to be safe. But when children started disappearing, Detectives Krease and Robertson got worried. And when their bodies were found dead, the detectives began hunting a serial killer. Carter and Wenndy dig into the hidden dark background of Oakland County, Michigan and follow the detectives’ investigation until they land on a suspect.

E63: The Joan Robinson Hill Murder Part 2

Joan Robinson Hill's mysterious death left her wealthy father Ash Robinson desperate for justice. Wenndy and Carter investigate Ash's theory that his philandering son-in-law, John Hill, killed Ash's beloved daughter. Was Ash Robinson hounding an innocent widower, or was he on the trail of a callous killer? And who was really behind Joan’s husband’s murder a mere couple weeks before his trial? Was Ash’s burning desire to avenge his daughter’s death enough to drive him to kill?