Recap: E21 Mary Pinchot Meyer

Recap: E21 Mary Pinchot Meyer

Mary Pinchot Meyer, a well-known member of Georgetown society, is shot and killed in 1964 while walking down a path she traversed every day along the C&O Canal in Washington, D.C. Born in New York to a wealthy and well-connected lawyer father who was a key figure in the Progressive Party and a mother who wrote for The Nation and The New Republic, Mary grew up in a very left-wing household.

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E20 Georgette Bauerdorf Pt. 2

Georgette Bauerdorf is found lying face-down in her bathtub by her housekeepers. There is water on the floor but no blood or obvious signs of a struggle. It wasn’t until a medical examiner found a piece of cloth shoved far down Georgette’s throat that it becomes clear her death was no accident. Was Georgette’s murder somehow tied to the Black Dahlia murder? Join Wenndy and Carter as they conclude their investigation.

E19 Georgette Bauerdorf

Georgette Bauerdorf was a young socialite with a grand future until 1944, when she was found strangled to death and lying face down in her bathtub. An aspiring Hollywood actress, Georgette was born to an oil tycoon in New York City where she lived a privileged life. Exactly what happened on the night of October 11, 1944 remains a mystery. Join Wenndy and Carter as they open their investigation into the unsolved murder of Georgette Bauerdorf.

E18 Edgar Allan Poe Pt.2: A Rigged Murder

One hundred and sixty-seven years later, Edgar Allan Poe’s death remains a huge mystery. Poe was found delirious in the streets of Baltimore “in great distress and in need of immediate assistance”. Was he a victim of cooping or an accomplice in the murder of Mary Rogers, the real-life basis for his famous tale “The Mystery of Marie Roget”? Join Carter and Wenndy as they explore the theories surrounding Edgar Allan Poe’s death.

E17 Edgar Allan Poe (Early Ad FREE Release – Thank you listeners)

Master of suspense, king of tragedy and writer of the mysterious and macabre, the circumstances leading up Edgar Allan Poe’s death are shrouded in uncertainty and the cause of death remains disputed. Was he in the wrong place at the wrong time or the victim of foul play? Carter and Wenndy take a look at his life leading up to that moment.

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E11 The Black Dahlia: Elizabeth Short

She wanted to be a Hollywood actress but instead she became one of the most famous murder victims in Los Angeles history. Still an unsolved murder, it is a mystery that rivets us today. Elizabeth Short was found severed in half, her sexual organs removed and a Glasgow smile carved onto her face. Dubbed "The Black Dahlia” by the press, the yellow journalism covering Elizabeth Short’s murder investigation etches the aspiring actresses’ name into history.

E09: Benjamin Siegel: “Bugsy”

Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel was a well-known American mobster. Friend to both Frank Sinatra and Al Capone, Bugsy was known as one of the most "infamous and feared gangsters of his day". He became one of America’s celebrity gangsters and is considered the father of the Las Vegas Strip. When he was murdered, everyone assumed it was the mob, but was it? Join Carter and Wenndy as they investigate his unsolved murder and take an in-depth look at Siegel’s organized crime career.