E38 Julia Wallace

Knight to E-4. Checkmate. After receiving a mysterious call at his chess club, William Wallace went on a wild goose chase to meet a client. When he returned home, his wife was dead. Did the chess enthusiast plan his wife’s murder with the same strategy and foresight needed in chess, or was he just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Carter and Wenndy investigate, because in this crime, none of the pieces are black and white.

E37 George Reeves Pt. 2

After his fiancé eerily predicted George Reeve’s death seconds before the gun went off, police wonder if there’s more to the story the very drunk witnesses are telling. When they rule it a suicide, George’s mother hires a PI who discerns there is indeed more to the story. Carter and Wenndy investigate George’s fiancé, ex-lover, and ex-lover’s husband to try to figure out who killed Superman.

E36 George Reeves

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… an unsolved murder? George Reeves gained fame in his starring role in the 1950’s television series Adventures of Superman, but died from a gunshot in 1959. Authorities ruled it a suicide, but the evidence suggests foul play. Carter and Wenndy investigate possible murder suspects in this Hollywood killing.

E34 Mary Rogers

In 1841, Mary Rogers’ corpse was found floating in the Hudson. At only 20, the “beautiful cigar girl” was a local celebrity even before her mysterious death. Mary had many admirers, including a fiancé, an ex-fiance, the boss who hired her for her looks, the men to whom she sold cigars and Edgar Allen Poe. And clearly, she had at least one enemy. Carter and Wenndy trawl for clues in the mystery of Mary Rogers.

E33 The Grimes Sisters Pt. 2

After the Grimes sisters’ corpses are discovered under a bridge, the police try to nail down the perpetrator amid a heavily mismanaged investigation. The gruesome crimes hearken back to an earlier Chicago crime—could the girls be the victim of a serial killer? Chilling phone calls made to the girl’s mother suggest so. Carter and Wenndy investigate the girls’ deaths, and whether it was premeditated or it was just bad luck.

Recap: E33 The Grimes Sisters Pt. 2

Recap: E33 The Grimes Sisters Pt. 2

Allegedly seen with Barbara and Patricia Grimes before their deaths, Elvis lookalike Bennie Bedwell becomes the prime suspect in the Chicago PD’s homicide investigation. What investigators believe will be an open and shut case quickly becomes more complicated when a dark mystery from the city’s past, with possible ties to the Grimes sisters’ murders, comes back to haunt them.

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Recap: E32 The Grimes Sisters

Recap: E32 The Grimes Sisters

Just days before the New Year in 1956, sixteen and thirteen-year-old Barbara and Patricia Grimes go missing from their neighborhood in Brighton Park, Chicago. The community rumor mill paints the girls as careless, rebellious teen runaways with an obsession for Elvis Presley and the Hollywood life. Countless fraudulent sightings across the country lead police on a wild goose chas

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E31 Betsy Aardsma Pt. 2

An autopsy reveals that Betsy Aardsma was stabbed with near-surgical precision, leading state troopers to conclude the killer was a highly intelligent stalker. But in this still-open case, the full list of suspects ranges beyond stalkers—from Betsy’s classmates to her professors to famous serial killers. Carter and Wenndy take a second look at this suspect list, and come across a jilted lover out for revenge.